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Gaureesh products are Herbal healer, increases mindfulness, releases emotions like Anger, sadness, guilt, frustration, hatred raises your vibration and consciousness also supports in-memory healing relaxation, it is helpful in releasing blocks, physical ailments, chronic diseases, fears and phobias. With Goureesh herbal products increase your happiness index and discover a connection with yourself.

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Goureesh ancient heritage premium products seek to revisit this original era with Yajna hawan samagree and herbal and organic Cowdung cake by reviving ancient methodologies to create products that keep their traditional benefits intact while making it possible for the discerning consumers of today to integrate these into everyday life in a delightfully Sensorial and luxurious manner

Mind body Intervention companion material with balancing five elements

Gaureesh Vedic Premium Products

*Gaurish Vedic Dhoop Havan  and Organic Herbal Kanda with 150 Herbs.
*Pure Real Natural Traditional Properly collected during respective Constellation Herbs,

*Contained  Herbs Without oil/Juice extraction.
*Wisdom Strengthening Confirmation with Medicinal Properties Germ Virus Germ Pesticides Strengthen Immunity System Protecting Immunity and Environmental Change & Protector Weather Change Treaty Generating Virus Bacteria Protecting Borm Virus Protective Energy Protecting Fragrance Factors of Various Vegetables Amazing combination.

*All the worshiping planets, constellations, gods, and goddesses, all the best materials to protect against fear, hindrance, witchcraft
*Herbal Healer Vedic Protection Shield.Thousands of years of natural energy-rich Vedic behavior, mental physical, spiritual, ideological advancement,  wellness, happiness.
*Ecoclean Green & Organic Management Holistic healing  Community healing self-healing purification.

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As our products are made with natural ingredients and made in small batches, there may be slight variations in their colour and fragrance.


Its helps to reduce stress & uplift your senses. The pure fragrance of Rose is naturally dispersed into the environment through evaporation leaving the area wonderfully fragranced

Made in India
We celebrate the rich knowledge and heritage of India through our products, sourcing rare ingredients from different parts of the country.

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Gaureesh Vedic Producs

Green and organic management made with safe ingredients. They are 100% Natural purifiers with fragrance in their surrounding area.

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