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Indian ancient heritage

Importance of Yagya

Yajna is the staple of Indian culture. Yagya has been given the highest place in religious and historical texts like Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata etc.
pooja samgri

Importance of Poojan Samagri in Hindu vedic ritualistic worship

As per the holy scriptures some religious rituals are incomplete without the help of other components, for example, specific material or Pujan Samagri is necessary in ritualistic worship of God. .

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Hawan process

Dhoop Yagya, Indian ancient heritage

Experimental studies have show that the incidence of physical ailments, sickness and disease are reduced in the houses

Dhoop Yagya & Aroma Therapy

In vedic scripture germs are called as asma or demon. Atharraveda 1/2/31/32/4/37/5/23/29 has decribed variety of worms.

Different Applications of Dhoop

Dashanga dhoop : According to Madanratna – 6 parts of kushtho. Two parts of jaggery, three parts of lakh,
Dhoop use

Air purification through Dhoop and Yagna

Now-a-days pollution has taken a dreadful shape. There are many factories spreading only poisonous gases around us,

Pollution and Solution

According to a recent study, incense sticks come with a health threat. The results proved that burning agarbattis inside the house generate air pollutants,

Importance of incense material or hawan samagri

In the Hindu Sanatan tradition, the great importance of Yajna or Havan has been mentioned. The fire of Havan is the greatest means of purification. The process of delivering havishya to the gods and goddesses through fire in the kund is called havan.
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According to Hindu scriptures, a specific list of pooja materials/ puja samagri is required to perform in any ritual, festival, and any other religious ceremonies
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