Environmental and Incense Yagna

Experimental studies have shown that the incidence of physical illnesses, illness, and disease is reduced in homes, where yagna (agnihotra) is performed regularly as it creates a pure, nutritious, and medicinal environment. It renews brain cells, regenerates the skin, purifies the blood, and inhibits the growth of pathogenic organisms.

Incense, a havan is basically a healing process.
‘Fix the atmosphere and heal the environment will heal you’

“Smoking them by mixing ghee and sugar and smoking kills the bacteria of some diseases and the secretions are from some glands related to the windpipe, which pleases our hearts and minds. The sugars present in havishya have great power to purify the atmosphere. It kills germs of TB, measles, chickenpox and
Cow-pox (i) Cow milk has great protection from nuclear radiation;

(ii) houses covered with cow dung enjoy complete protection from nuclear radiation;

(iii) If cow’s ghee is put into the sacrificial fire, its smoke reduces the effects of nuclear radiation to a great extent.
Medicinal fumes emanating from the Agnihotra have been observed by researchers in microbiology to be apparently bacterioethal in nature. These eradicate bacteria and other microbes, which are the root cause of disease and diseases in humans. This should be the reason why the incidence of physical illnesses, illnesses, and illnesses is less in homes where yagna (agnihotra) is performed regularly. Even going into elaborate chemical bacteriology, it can be said that the performance of Yajna leads to the purification of air.

Effects of Yajna on plant and vegetation:
Disinfection of air is not only useful for animal life but also helps in plant life although the bacteria responsible for both diseases can be isolated. Aromatic substances produced during the yajna are spread in the air and provide protection in plant life against harmful organisms. This ensures healthy plant growth. Yajna (Agnihotra) atmosphere and ash can also be used as an aid in ‘natural farming’ methods which are also known as Yajna (Agnihotra) farming methods. It is a holistic concept of plants growing in a healthy environment and maintaining ecological balance by performing yagna (agnihotra) in the middle of the fields and then using these yagna-ashes as fertilizer. It is not only safe and productive but also holistic in its attitude towards the environment.

Yagya Awareness Program:

Modern hazards are related to rapid development that lacks health and environmental security and unsustainable consumption of natural resources. These hazards include water pollution from populated areas, industry and intensive agriculture; Urban air pollution from automobiles, coal power stations, and industry; Solid and hazardous waste accumulation; Chemical and radiation hazards due to the introduction of industrial and agricultural science
Technologies; Resumption of emerging and infectious disease threats; Deforestation, land degradation, and other major ecological changes at the local and regional levels; Climate change; Stratospheric ozone depletion; And trans boundary pollution. Thousands of years ago the solution to all the above health and environmental problems was discovered by our sages and they suggested Yajna rituals through the Vedas. But unfortunately today we have forgotten these teachings. In “Plantation India”, we have decided to organize a “Yagna Awareness Program” across India according to educate the younger generation to understand the importance of Yajna in modern times.

Kriya Shala (workshop):

Under the Yagya Awareness Program, we will conduct karashala (workshop) to educate people and we will perform practical yajna. During the workshop, we will show them how- (i). How is Havan Kunda prepared? (Ii). What are the materials and woods used below in the pool? (Iii). Should Havan materials be used? And (iv). What mantras should be chanted during Homa?

Corporate yajna

We, along with our special team of Vedic pandits, also organize special prosperity yagyas for corporations. These are the advantages of corporate sacrifice.

  1. The heat generated by the yajna leaves a stamp of purity on the lowest part of the human being.
  2. The place where the yajna is performed, its sanctity in the place and the surrounding area has a long-lasting effect and long-term effects on those who visit this place and are blessed with great feelings and thoughts.
  3. Bad thoughts can cause distorted personalities, distorted values ​​and wrong deeds to be replaced by yajna and hence it is called the destroyer of evil. It is also called the best of heaven. With corporate sacrifice, the organization system revitalizes energy and each person in the organization gets positive energy resulting in higher efficiency, greater production and ultimately greater projection.