Gaureesh Vedic Prasuti Uprant Dhoop 500gm


The Packing Contains 500 gm, of  Vedic Prasuti Uprant Dhoop 

Gaureesh Prasuti Dhuni is made of more than 150 herbs specially prepared for Postpartum care, after Delivery enjoy Maternity leave with medicinal, aromatic organic natural herbal dhoop for body and mind shape up. It cleans the environment sanitize room area, improves the immune system. Gaureesh prasuti dhooni fumes contain antiseptic and antibiotic effect also detoxicate and improves holistic living herbology, energy booster, mood freshener.
Benifits od Gaureesh Prasuti dhuni

1.To restore the agni.
2.Normalize the vata.
3.Optimize the quality of breast milk.
4.Udara veshtanam-uterus and ligaments and as a tummy care
5.Vaginal contractions care
7.Mental and emotional Balancing

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Ayurveda, like a lot of other traditional and ancestral models, has great wisdom to draw from for healing during the postpartum period for the Mother, as well as bonding between the Mother and the Infant. During Pregnancy, you often feel supported, by your care providers, family, and friends. You are the vessel of creation! But afterward, the attention is often shifted to the new baby. It is important to understand that while the new baby depends completely on us for their wellbeing, we have just undergone an incredible transformative process. We deserve to rest and healing.

Ayurveda recognizes the importance of taking care of the Mother and work on balancing the Vata dosha for 42 Days (aka 6 weeks) so that the next 62 YEARS will go well. The recurring challenges may range from depression and other mood instabilities to aches and stiffness, constipation, gas and bloating, joint and weight problems, and relationship challenges. This goes well beyond the mother herself; the couple, the whole family, and even the community will benefit from us taking the time to understand this tricky period and prevent future problems.



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