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Gaureesh Vedic Pooja samagri (kit) is a complete puja samagri as per the Vedic scriptures, they are prepared in a very pure and pious atmosphere with more than fourty five(45) items and ingredients, Gaueesh Puja kit and products are Fresh and balance pure natural original authentic and traditional. Gaureesh  is an Indian brand with a modern aesthetic for more relevant embassies on efficiency sensorial experience full of energy pleasure and positivity its medicinal aromatic mood freshener environment cleaner mind-body intervention green and organic management to meet yourself connect and tune yourself: The use of rituals believed to have originated in Bharat with the earliest records of their application dating back to the Indus valley civilization Vedic Sanatan Sanskriti companion material mind-body intervention with nature 5 elements its happiness index.

Total 45 + Items List: Vedic Herbal Dhoop with 150 herbs,Kumkum, abir, gulal, turmeric, mehndi, sandalwood, rice, camphor, mustard, long cotton ball, round light, kalawa, janeu, lamp, red cloth, white cloth, Gangajal, perfume, honey, cashew, almond, chironji, Raisins, Kharak, Clove, Cardamom, Lotus Gutta, Coriander, Khile, Betel Nut Gobar ka kanda with 60 herbs,


According to Hindu scriptures, a specific list of pooja materials/ puja samagri is required to perform in any ritual, festival, and any other religious ceremonies. For different kind of gods and goddesses, different types of Pooja Samagri is required, also apart from the regular everyday traditional rituals, very elaborate poojas are performed on special occasions such as Diwali, Dashara,Baisakhi, Rakhi, Birthdays, Wedding ceremonies, etc as these days are considered auspicious and we thank the god for providing us with our wonderful lives. To perform these poojas and prayers, several materials are required but finding a pure and natural pious, pure, natural puja samagri is rare nowadays.


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