Dhoop Yagya, Indian ancient heritage

Experimental studies have shown that the incidence of physical ailments, sickness, and disease is reduced in the houses, where the Yagya (Agnihotra) is regularly performed because it creates a pure, nutritional, and medicinal atmosphere. It renews the brain cells, revitalizes the skin, purifies the blood, and prevents the growth of pathogenic organisms.

Dhoop, Hawan is basically a healing process.

Heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere will heal you’

As per the Vedic sanatan sanskrati the use of rituals believed to have originated in Bharat with the easiest records of their application dating back to the Indus valley civilization.

“Mixing ghee and sugar and burning them creates smoke which kills the germs of certain diseases and secretion takes place from some glands that relate to the wind-pipe, which fills our heart and mind with pleasure. Sugars present in Havishya have great power to purify the atmosphere. It kills the germs of T.B., measles, smallpox.

Anti-radiation Cow products

(i) Cow’s milk contains great power of protection from atomic radiation;

(ii) Houses covered with cow dung floors enjoy complete protection from atomic radiation;

(iii) If cow’s ghee is put into Yagya fire, its fume lessens the effect of atomic radiation up to a great extent.
The medicinal fumes emanating from Agnihotra have been observed by researchers in the field of microbiology to be clearly bacteriolethal in nature. These eradicate bacteria and other micro-organisms, which are the root cause of illness and diseases in humans. This must be the reason why the incidence of physical ailments, sickness and diseases becomes less in the households, where Yagya (Agnihotra) is regularly performed. Even without going into detailed chemical bacteriology, it can be stated that the performance of Yagya leads to the purification of air.

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