Advantages of Vedic Dhoop

Using everyday Dhoop is better for the health of our body, mind, and soul. Dhoop incense enhances concentration and focus at the time we are reading or performing meditation, prevents infections, relieves headaches, fights depression, and reduces anxiety and tension.
It will ensure the removal of microbes and pests from the house which are the main reason for bad health. Did you know Guggal is related to lord ‘Shiva’ and ghee is related to ‘Shakti’, and together they become Shiva-Shakti and has the power to remove negativity from your house and office?
Also, it is very powerful and has the ability to cast off the evil eye. If you think that your house or any of the members is the target of evil eye burn this Dhoop morning and evening after Pooja and spread the smoke in every corner of the house. You will see the effect immediately.
Burning has many unrevealing reasons that inspire people to concentrate on materials things. I will share some unrevealed health benefits of using incense at or home or workplace.


• Meditations

while meditations the benefits of incense is long and clear to eliminates stress and unmaterial thoughts. The fragrance develops a purity in the air which creates space between your thoughts and mind. The relaxing of mind depends upon the aroma of incense stick or dhoop cups used during meditations.

 positive Environment

• Create positive Environment

There are certain types of incense which eliminates the negative energy and destructive thoughts. They have a unique mark or scent to purify air and soul. Each herb directly relates to a particular God, says Tulsi, it is a god’s incarnation itself, proven by 5000 years still useful today. Now the God has straightway indicated these herbs for curing of the diseases. The smoke generated by some incense has antiseptic and pure scents which purify the whole environment positive. Removes Hidden bacteria and fungus Dhoop is for our health but we are using chemicals means we are damaging our wealth.

• Simulate Imagination

when we adhere to some beautiful art gallery or some natural beauty it inspires us and create an imagination level, thus the aroma created by incense stimulates the imagination level of individuals.

• Reduce stress

the aromas of incense purify the mind with its beautiful nature fragrances, it has calming power that helps to reduce the stress and tensions. Many incenses slow down the blood pressures and heart rate, and also been used in muscular relaxations


• Eliminates the depression

some international study has shown that burning frankincense eliminates the anxiety and depression. The compound significantly affected brain areas known to be involved in emotions as well as in nerve circuits that are affected by current anxiety and depression drugs.

• Creates happiness

Odors of certain incense give direct signals to the brain, these aromas stimulate essential chemicals such as serotonin creates happiness and give relief from headaches. Certain incense aromas can help open the nasal passages, while others can lower blood pressure. Purity five elements and in turn the whole body & mind purity. We collect all the material at the source and mix appropriately.

• Increase Sexual Power

fragrances of certain incense-like night queen, jasmine, vanilla, etc. are well known to attract the opposite sex by its aromas and fragrances.

• Protect from Various Infections

have anti-bacterial properties to purify air. A Chinese study shows that was used to sterilize a hospital, proved to be as effective another standard means of sterilization such as steam. By keeping the environment sterile, many infections and diseases can be prevented.

Incense and burning of dry dhoop cups and sticks created many useful benefits to live healthier lifestyle and well-being. The fragrance takes you in another world.

Please note that the new & young generation is reluctant to perform Poojas & Havans & the are drifitng from the rich Indian heritage for the basic reasons parents don’t Know ,The cant explain for their” “why” this creates the lonlyness as the pooja is performed as reference Pooja which involvement & deepness of self .

We have an authority in Havan samagri. Research over 30 years ,the deep ritualistic approach , scientific study of hearbs and its effect have been studied & tested for above advantages . We have been arranging seminars , lectures in societies , public Ggovt Partnership programmes, jotish associations and various community gatherings . These hearbs have been researched for diesease removal ,Power Built ups , plesant odours & food supplies .

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