Dhoop Yagya & Aroma Therapy

In vedic scripture germs are called as asma or demon. Atharraveda 1/2/31/32/4/37/5/23/29 has decribed variety of worms. If has named as yatudhan, krabyat, pisach, raksha etc. These demons enter in our body through our breathe, food, water and air and cuts our flesh and puts the disease in our body. Because it gives ‘yatna’ or pain these are known as “yatudhan”. They eat up our flesh that is why they are called “krabyat” or “pisach”, yagna kills these worms and saves us from diseases.

Smoke cures many diseases like headache, ear and eye ache, cough asthma, weakness of teeth, indigestion, worms, hair problem, sneezing, feeling sleepy etc.

Smoking should be in the following eight times:

  • After bathing
  • After food
  • After vomiting
  • After sneezing
  • After brushing teeth
  • After consuming nasya
  • After putting kajal
  • After waking up.
  • At a time three puffs should be taken and thrice it should be repeated.

Dhoop samagri should be prepared by haranurka, priyangu big chadamom, kesar, nakhi, scented white chandan, tej patta, dalchini, green cardamon, khas, padmakastha, dhyamak, mulhati, jatamasi, guggal, agar, sharkara, bark of bargad, gular, pipal, pakud and lodh, wild sarjaras, nagar motha, kamal, shailaya, neelkamal, sribeshtak, shallaki, shukbhai. The whole thing should be crushed and kept around a sharkanda and then thumb like tablets should be made and then dried up and should be drenched into ghee or oil before using for smoking.

Dhoop yagna has three benefits:-

It helps in increasing physical strength.
It enhances mental strength and helps in attaining excellence.
Purify air and atmosphere.
Our sages has proved that yagna fire releases less carbon dioxide and spreads beneficial particles. That is why they have confirmed yagna as the best karma (shreshtha karma). Our Ayurveda charyas like Charak, Shushruta, Banbhatta has also agreed that yagna chikitsha is of high order. It is treatment of physical problem and mental illness also. The problem of mental tension, mania, irritation, suspicion, sexual problem, egoism, frustration, laziness, forgetfulness, lack of faith is all symptoms of mental illness. These can be cured by havan.

What are the effects of yagna atmosphere on health?

If we look back we see how much healthy our sages used to be. Even common persons lived a long healthy life. Not only they were physically strong, they also had immense mental strength and power. There were no doctors, no modern medicine. Young boys and girls never bad wear spects, nor did they have bad teeth. They were not patients of indigestion. People used to be cured in a simple way. Every person had a regulated way of living and they were regularly performing jap, dhyan, havan etc. Vaids were there but they were not greedy as the doctors of modern time. Food consumed was also pure and simple. Vaids even prescribed yagna and it cured the patients.

More than physical ailment now-a-days there is excessive mental problem. These are all due to less oxygen. Irritation, tiredness, fear, stammering, these are all mental problem. The problem can be hundreds percent tackled by yagna. Mania, anger, impatience, greedy, egoistic, suspicion there problem have all most no cure in the allopathic treatment. Patient will be given sleeping pills nothing else. These problem can be controlled by havan Good oxygen inhalation helps such patients.

If the cells of our body dosent get sufficient amount of oxygen then mental helath will get effected. The gases produced during Havan provides ailments, which will help in overcome mental diseases. Havan can cure mental diseases like insanity, epilepsy, headache etc.

In the 20th century science of aroma has been recognized and it has been researched and developed as a complete remedy for many serious diseases, Mrs Marganet Mori published her book “The secret of life and youth” and according to her we can stay young by aromatic treatment. The problem like acne, wrinkles, skin problem, obesity, weakness of muscles, rheumatism, sinisititis, mental cheerless ness can be cured effectively by aromatic treatment.

The aromatic articles used in dhoop yagna are Bach, kut, agar, tagar, sngandha, brahmi, ananta, mool, bapchi, ral, lal chandan, safed chandan, khara kadi, charila, chandres, kamala, loban, guggal safed, bhaisagool, kachri, jatamasi, mastage deodar, taj, vijay sor, tejpan, sugandhbala, amba, haldi, gathona, kuth, nagar motha, hanber, tomarireme, sugandh kokila, ghaoriphool, kadwa neem, kapas.

In India from ancient times we perform aarti of Gods and Goddesses. We do aarti with kapur. Kapur fume purifies the atmosphere; it kills all germs termed as bhoot, pistach, rakshash (ghosts, denits, and demons). Lighting kapur in our house is extremely beneficial. It gives positive effect and curbs pitridosh a devdosh etc.

If we crush a medicine or boil it, its particles does not become son small as it happens in havan. In havan the articles is put in fire and its particles spread into total atmosphere and benefit many people. Also by inhalation it enters the body. That is why persons who perform yagna regnlarly remain healthy.

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