Different Applications of Dhoop

Dashanga dhoop :-
According to Madanratna – 6 parts of kushtho. Two parts of jaggery, three parts of lakh, five parts of nakhla, hard, ral of same proportion, taj one part, shilajoy three part, nagar motha four part guggal, one part this makes good dashanga dhoop.
Shorosanga dhoop – Agar, tagar, kustha, shailaja, sharkara, nagarmotha, chandan, ilaichi, taja, nakhankhi, mushirang, jatamasi, karpan, talisdal, guggal consists of shorosange dhoop. This dhoop is used in pitrikarya (worship of ancestors).

Dhoop – havan samagri – Kshir kakoli, rashna, pandari, talamkhana, chotipipal, jibanti, narendra wamri, pansi, cheeta, shalakparni, kasni, sireti, flower of neem, roots of indrayan, ashik bark, babul seed, unnaoyi, padmakh, wanfasa, rasot, matod phali, katina, pipalmool, bark of babul, roots of podina, kala jeera, safed jeera, mocharas, talparni, pristha parni, chihak, bharangi, chandan, majitha, lodhra, nagkeshar, brahmdandi, sahadei, devlali, leaves of gambhira, gajpipal, lajwanti, mulhati, panchang of rai, malkangani, seeds of tad, kakjangha, nilophar, pakharmul, bhangra, vishnukanta, darun haldi, sounf, anwali, harra, baheda, dhania, rose flower, leaves of til, shakkar, gud, indrajou, kale til, chandal, keshar, belextract, bhojpatra, motha, char chabli, nakhr, kamal, shatabri, aswagandh, shailaya, kachri, nirmundi, sribestak, kamal gatta, shvtalchini, badi kateri, shallaki, wach, harenuka, strukbai, nagkeshar, priyangn, flower of dhaya, dalchini, badi illaichi, dhania, ramna, tejpatta, molasiri ki chal, flower of bargad, tender leaves of pipal.
Manukka, chuara, pulp of coconut, chironji, kishmish, pishta, walnut, cashewnut, almonds, anjar (fig).
Mandukparni, roots of indrayan, satawari, aswagandha, vidhara, shalparni, makoy, adusa, rose flower, rashna, vanshlochan, kshirkakoli, pandari, gokhru, talamkhana, choti pipal, giloi, panari motha, jibanti, punarnaba, narendra, amri, cheeta pitta pada.
Til, urad grains, tilli, bhardoh dhan, jou sugarcane, basmati, mung, dudh (milk), dahi (curd), ghee, shahad (honey), rice plant, chana gram, gehu (wheat), kodo, sarsou (mustard),.

Flower of makoi, padam kastha, jaiphal, safed sarsou, dhyamak, javitri, hing, mulhati, aswagandh, leaves of sahajana, jatamashi, vanshlochan, muesli, bark of bargad, long, flower of arjun, bark of gular, budhni, baibidang, bark of pipal, brahmi, kikiyari, bark of pakad, punarnaba, bhilawa, bark of lagh, kachur, raksha, sarjaras, jibanti, saral dhoop, nagar motha, char challi, nakhi, kamal, shatawari, kapur kachri, nirgundi, kamal gatha, sheetal chini, badi kateri, shallakri, wach, harenuka, shuk bai, nagkeshar, priyangu, flower of dhai, dalchini, badi illaichi, dhania, ramna, tejpatta, moulasri bark, flower of bargad, tender leaves of pipal.
Different application of dhoop :-
Fruit of kateri, the skin of snake, ghee, guggal dhoop, the fan of peacock, pure ghee, binole, hair of goat and flower offered to shivji should be used as dhuni, it cures balarishtha.
Bilwa, devdaru and priyangu roots should be crushed together and if it is put in the dhuni its keeps us away from ghosts and bad spirits. The persom who performs havan with palash flower and cow ghee and recites Gayatri mantra gets all that he wishes to have.
Dhoop of guggal, vach, ral, neem, kapas, chandan daru haldi takesay aw all planetary problem .
Sahadevi bacha bhadra nakuilibhi pradhu panam.
Pradehodwartanang kurmadebhirwa jwar shantarya. Shiras, leaves is of neem, cow horn, bach bark, fan of peacock malakangani and ghee put together and put in the dhoop keeps children away from the effect of bad spirits.
The bark of gular crushed and put in dhoop given us joy.
The roots of jhau dried and crushed and put in dhoop on Saturdays shops quarrel in the family. It is medicine for mental problems.
Motha, sarson, bhilala, seed of karanj. gud at fruit and arjaras put together in dhoop saves us from bad lungs, flies, mosquitoes, snake, rats and insects.
In the past chemical insecticide or fertilizers were not there. We only used cow dung as fertilizers. That time the crops and vegetables grown in such fields were much tastier and much more nutritious. As fuel also we used cow dung cakes and wood to cook. Food women used to cook food in this way were healthier and stronger. Fume of cow dung purifies the air, in the same way cow ghee also is very nutritious and a spoon of cow ghee put on burning cow dung cake gives ample quantity of oxygen which purifies 40×40×40 area. yagna in ancient time was performed for this reason.
In older days yagnas were performed in every home that is why our country is known as yognaya. Ravan acquired subtle powers by means of yagna only.
Every morning and evening ignite a piece of cow dung cake and put it in a earthen lamp. Put 8-10 rice mixed with cow ghee so that it can be burn. This prevents vastu dosh in a house. Resident is remains is good health and there is peace in the house and brings prosperity.
On a no moon day take one cow dung cake, put it in a havan kund or a tagari (a shallow tub) following things should be mixed and every person in the house offer five times on this :-
Cow ghee, rice, black til, jow, gnd, sandal wood crush desi kapur, guggal. This helps the resident of the home to remain healthy and boosts the financial position and also brings welfare and peace in the house.
Every morning and evening if we light a dhuni with a piece of cow dung cake, huni powder, deshi kapoor, cow ghee it brings happiness, peace and prosperity.
Bhojpatra is a holy patra which was used by our sages for writing mantras. Sriyantras made in these bhojpatra is very effective. People who light bhojpatra as dhoop is found to get positive results pertaining to money. Specially writer should keep bhojpatra and it gives a positive effect.

The dhoop of kapur, agar, loban, nakhi, tagara, scented chandan paeify the burning sensation.
Aswa gandha, nirgundi, badi kateli, pipal dhoop helps the pain of piles.
Sahjana leave put in a copper plate and cruse it with copper hammer and mix it with ghee. The dhoop of above ingredient helps in eye problem, watering, ache and other.
Flower of Arjun, baibidang, kaliyari root, khas, dhoop saral, ral, chandan and kut should be taken in same proportion and crushed and used is dhoop. The fume of this dhoop kills worms. If put in the cot it kills bed bugs and if put in head kills lice. Dhuni of Makoi flower dipped in ghee cures eyes. It kills the germs in the eyes.
We can control high fever with the dhoop of leaves of neem, bach, kuth, hard, sarson (mustard) and gugal mixed with ghee.
Acne, worms, itching can be cured by the dhoop of neem leaves, Bach, hing, sendha namak and mustard and ghee mixed in same proportion together.
Treatment by yagna is extremely good. Neither we have to consume it nor we have to digest it.
Medicine goes inside our body automatically and works.

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