Air purification through Dhoop and Yagna

Now-a-days pollution has taken a dreadful shape. There are many factories spreading only poisonous gases around us, atomic reaction, extraction of underground resources without any restriction sound pollution, pollution of water bodies are all making the environment poisonous. So poisonous that we are unable to breathe property.
Deforestation is another factor which has imbalanced our natural system. Whatever carbon dioxide we used to produce through factories etc used to be inhaled by trees. Abuses of forest has creates a tremendous imbalances and we are forced to inhale carbondioxide.

We are now attracted by western civilization. We have progressed in science and there is a population explosion. These factors have led gradually to total deforestation and we are in a vicious circle from which we will never be able to come out and our future is dark. Whatever effort is made are very small efforts which is very little looking to the size of the problem.
Health front is even more disheartening. We have a well developed ayurveda, but it is not as developed as modern medical science. People have less faith on it. Modern doctor’s disco usages and well reputed ayurvedic doctors are very less. Apart from being very expensive modern medicines have ill effects on the patients. It cures our disease and develop another. Poor people are dependent on soft health services which is very poor in service.
Yagna chikitsha is so effective that gives curative and nutritive treatment. It not only cures the disease but also takes care of weaknesses developed as a result of disease and helps the nutrition of the body. It kills the germs in the air and helps in fast recovery.

Sage Vasishtha says –
Yagna Shrishti Projayante annani Vividhani cha I
Trinanyaushadhauyatha cha phalani Vividhani cha II
Jivanang Jivanarthaya yagnah sakriyata budhaih II
Creation is done by yagna. Yagna gives life to all crops, medicine plants and grass. Hence an intelligent person will perform yagna.
As long as yagna was performed and people had regard and faith for yagna every things seemed to be positive. All living being were happy and society was meant for welfare of people. But as and when modern times comes scenario changed. We stopped performing yagna our society degenerated and we fight with each other our values disappeared and happiness vanished.
Yagna hawan is performed in different form in every religion. Agarbatti, dhoop, loban and dhuni is used in temple, churches, dargah, gurudwaras and chaityas. In Parsi religion also fire is worshipped. Vastu puja, navagraha puja, devi puja every puja is concluded with havan. Havan is required in activities like jadu tona, bhut pret, ucchatan, abhichar. Akhand dhuni is found near kedarnath in triyugnarayan. Shiv Parvati’s marriage took place here. Akhand dhuni is found in Saibaba’s mandir in Shirdi. Akhand deep is found in Jwala Devi’s temple in Himachal Pradesh. We find akhand dhuni in Dhuni wale dadaji’s mandir in Khandwa. Arya samaj lights akhand dhuni.

Yagna as a solution of air pollution:-
We consume six times more air then food. This proves that air is more important in human beings life then food. We can live for some time without food but in that air we may not live for one minute also. Concept of yagna is putting havi in yagna which spread into small particles in the air.
With the effect of atomic explosion there is change in the genetic structure of human being. The future of human being are in danger. Geneticist says that these types of exposure affect the reproductary cells and its effect is carried on to next generations.
Dr. Haffkin the inventor of small pox vaccination has confirmed the fact that smoke of burning of nutritious articles kills germs and also helps in recovery. Yagna smoke can neutralise the effect of atomic radiation. Smoke of kishmish, ghee, sugar can kill the germ of typhoid. Fire purities the air. That is why there is a system of eating in the kitchen. Professor Max Muller in his work “Physical religion” has written philosopher Hupki has confirmed that fire purifies air. Fire used to be lit is Scotland and Ireland to purify air and to control epidemics in the South America. In Europe fire stoves are used in homes to purify air.
Ved is the main book of religion. Every thing is written in this book. Yagna is said to be brahma swaroop. Human being can achieve anything by yagna upasana.

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