Pollution and Solution

According to a recent study, incense sticks come with a health threat. The results proved that burning agarbattis inside the house generate air pollutants, namely carbon monoxide. The smoke causes indoor air pollution that may lead to inflammation of the lung cells, putting you at an increased risk of respiratory complications.Most people experience coughing and sneezing due to hypersensitivity that is caused when a person inhales smoke in excess. In rare cases, chocking might be caused if excess smoke is inhaled. Read how gem therapy can help treat respiratory ailments.
It increases your risk of COPD and asthma
The pollutants that are released from burning incense sticks cause inflammation of the bronchial tubes that pass air to the lungs. These sticks contain sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and formaldehyde (in particulate as well as gas form), leading to inflammatory responses such as COPD and asthma, when regularly exposed. The amount of smoke inhaled by the lungs is the same as when exposed to cigarette smoke.
It causes skin allergies
It is a fact that long-term exposure to agarbattis smoke causes irritation of the eyes, especially in kids and older people. In addition to this, people with sensitive skin also experience itching of skin when come in contact with pollutants and smoke on an everyday basis.‘Areas with thin skin (such as skin around the eyelids, at the base of the nose and elbow region) are most susceptible to allergy. The particulate matter present in the smoke of agarbattis causes skin irritation and allergy.’
It triggers neurological symptoms
Common neurological symptoms that were found to be associated with daily exposure to incense sticks were increased headaches, difficulty in concentrating and forgetfulness. (1) The burning of incense sticks contributes to indoor air pollution, which in turn increases the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) in the blood. The high concentration of these gases cause neurological problems by acting on brain cells. Also a direct cause of female impotency.

It heightens risk of respiratory cancer
Have you ever thought that burning incense sticks might put at an increase risk of cancer of respiratory tract? A study that appeared in the Journal of the American Cancer Society stated that long-term exposure to incense sticks (agarbattis) put you at an increased risk of upper respiratory tract cancer. It further proved that with the use of incense, the risk of upper respiratory tract ‘squamous cell carcinoma’ is comparatively high in smokers than in normal people. (2)

It increases the toxic load on the body
Studies have shown that incense sticks, when burnt, emit a toxic smoke that contains lead, iron and magnesium, thereby adding to the toxic load in the body. (3) The chemical gases and particulate matter, when inhaled, increase load on the kidneys to eliminate toxins from the body,leading to various kidney problems. The smoke liberated from lighting the incense stick also increases the concentration of impurities present in the blood. Here is ayurvedic detox diet — a step-by-step guide to cleansing your body.
It impairs cardiovascular health
The agarbattis that you use daily can have a negative effect on your heart health. The study estimated that long-term use of incense sticks increased the risk of cardiovascular mortality by 12% and coronary heart disease by 10%. (4) It is mainly caused due to increased inhalation of agarbatti smoke (containing volatile organic compounds and particulate matter). It also increases blood vessel inflammation and affects blood flow leading to heart complications.Swelling of the blood vessles . Please refer www.shutterstock.com for more info.

Advantages Dhoop & Cow Dung Cake ( Gobar-Kanda )
Benefits of Using Dhoop Sticks: They are better for the health of our body, mind and soul.Dhoop incense enhances concentration and focus at the time we are reading or performing meditation, prevents infections, relieves headaches, fights depression, and reduces anxiety and tension.
It will ensure removal of microbes and pest from the house which are main reason of bad health. Did you know Guggal is related to lord ‘Shiva’ and ghee is related to ‘Shakti’, and together they become Shiva-Shakti and has the power to remove negativity from your house and office.
Also, it is very powerful and has the ability to caste off the evil eye. If you think that your house or any of the members is the target of evil eye burn this Dhoop morning and evening after Pooja and spread the smoke in every corner of the house. You will see the effect immediately.
Burning have many unrevealing reasons that inspire people to concentrate in materials things. I will share some unrevealed health benefits of using incense at or home or work place.

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